Tips and Hacks

From Colleen's Kitchen

July, 2020


Cakes, Cupcakes, Cake Pops, Cookies, Specialty Items (including logo cakes) and Favors are our business. We’d like to answer some questions regarding these products and how we put them together. Other areas we’d like to discuss is how you, our friends and customers can get the most out of our baked goods. This page is a work in progress and we’ll have different ideas and discussions on a regular basis. Join in, please.

How do you make logo cakes and what do I need to get my husband’s picture on it?

OK, you’ve noticed, and maybe even eaten, one of our logo cakes or cupcakes. Maybe it had a company logo on it or maybe a picture of a burro. Never mind, the process is the same.

First, you provide us a picture of your logo or your husband (or your burro).

Almost any digital format is fine, e.g. JPEG, WEBP, HEIC, AVIF, etc. If this sounds like gobblegook, that’s OK. If your digital camera or phone took the picture, we can deal with it. You can scan a picture as well. Now, if it’s square, it will look great on a square or circular cake, cupcake or cookie. If it’s wider than tall, then a longer cake, cookie or cupcake can be built to accommodate it. If it’s wide and you want a square cake, then there will be some blank space to adjust to the aspect ratio. Don’t you love all of these technical terms? The quality of the image is important of course and at least 800 by 800 pixels for a square image, no less than 800 pixels on either side for an oblong shaped picture.

Got that? OK, now email or text the picture to us and we get to work. Once we agree on the size and shape of the cake, cupcakes or cookies, we agree on what flavor you’d like, what frosting, decoration, size, etc. Is this a cake? A bunch of cupcakes, cookies?

Once form and product is decided, we get to work building the best cake we can (as we always do). Let’s settle on cake (It could be a wedding cake.) for this discussion. When it comes to the top of the cake, instead of just frosting it, we also print the provided (and manipulated) image on a special sheet of clear edible paper. We use a special printer using edible ink and the result is that picture of your husband (or burro.) Carefully, laying this onto the cake, we use some magic to adhere it and then we frost it. The result looks something like this.

logo cake
Result is a one of a kind cake for a once in a lifetime event.

If you provided us an image of your logo, it might look like this

logo cupcake
or this.

Logo Cookies
These cookies and cupcakes are very popular for events like sales conferences, conventions and corporate celebrations such as retirements and new office openings, etc.

Does this all make sense? This marriage of good old fashioned baking and 21st century technology is just one of things that we feel sets us apart. Rest assured, the end results will be delicious (and remebered).

Stay tuned. Next time, maybe we'll disuss putting motorcycle ramps on top of birthday cakes.